Bessac Tunnel Training Center

A training organization dedicated to underground works

A purpose-built training center for TBM and micro TBM work.

Key points


To develop the skills of underground work professionals


Promote career development


Share BESSAC’s expertise



Mentoring by internationally renowned experts

Nos formations

Our training is fully customizable and adapts to your needs

Pratique en condition réelles

Practice under real-world conditions, thanks to our Tunnel Training Centre’s virtual reality

Plateforme e-learning

E-learning platform


Real-time appraisal of trainee platform

Our training offers

  • Service train pilots
  • TBM pilots
  • Segment operators
  • Cutterhead chamber intervention
  • Inspection and change of cutting tools
  • Assembly and disassembly of Inter jacking Stations (IJS)
  • Slurry management for tunneling
  • Confined space work
  • Use of emergency safety masks
  • Power tools
  • Logging